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Cassara Consulting is a company that specializes in nutrition education and counseling. We offer a variety of specialties, through the multiple dietitians on staff who have experience in many different areas. Some of our specialties include: diabetes, weight loss, kidney disease, bariatric surgery, complimentary and alternative medicine and sports nutrition. 

If you would like more information on these services or any other areas that we may provide counseling for, please click on our services page. We do participate with a number of insurance companies, so these services may be a covered benefit; however we strongly recommend calling your insurance carrier prior to your visit to determine if Medical Nutrition Therapy is a covered benefit under your particular plan and/or based on your particular circumstance. It is also helpful, for us to have any pertinent blood work prior to your visit and we will gladly work with you and your physician to improve your well being. 

At Cassara Consulting we believe in getting to know our client’s and working together with them to create a plan that will promote long-term diet, lifestyle and behavior changes to meet their goals.

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Our Services

NUTRITION EDUCATION/COUNSELING - Individual consultations with a Registered Dietitian to discuss your nutritional needs and to implement a plan to achieve your goals. A typical initial consultation is an hour and a half and will include obtaining your personal, medical and nutrition history, reviewing food journals, blood work, providing nutrition education and goal setting. Follow-up sessions are encouraged to increase long-term success with goals. Follow-up visits can vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour and include monitoring your progress, reviewing and altering goals as needed and continued education
CORPORATE CONSULTING - Available for trade shows, creating educational materials for public or in-house needs, speaking engagements.

SUPERMARKET TOURS - Build the perfect shopping list for your health. Meet with a registered dietitian and learn the ingredients to meet your nutritional goals. It all begins at the grocery store. Sessions will include formulating an individual shopping list to meet your needs and a trip to the grocery store. You will be educated about labels, food groups, budgeting, and much more! This service is recommended after a visit with the dietitian.

PUBLIC SPEAKING - Available for a variety of events including: religious organizations, doctor’s offices, support groups & corporate settings.

Insurance Information

We are currently participating in the following health insurance plans: 
Aetna - AmeriChoice - Amerigroup - AmeriHealth - Community Health Plan - Horizon - QualCare - Oxford - United Healthcare - Cigna - Medicare - Keystone - Blue Cross Blue Shield - Personal Choice - Independence Blue Cross - Horizon NJ Health

In Order For Insurance To Cover A Visit – there must be a medical diagnosis such as high blood pressure, diabetes or you must be overweight or obese. Your BMI must be over 25 to be considered overweight and over 30 to be considered obese. To find out if you qualify based on your weight - CLICK HERE

Insurance Coverage Varies With Each Plan and MNT (Medical Nutrition Therapy) may or may not be a covered benefit. We suggest that you contact your insurance carrier prior to scheduling an appointment, as all plans vary and nutritional counseling/medical nutrition therapy may not be a covered benefit under your plan.  A referral may also be required from your primary care physician, based on your insurance plan.

Medicaid does not cover nutritional counseling in an outpatient setting. If you have Medicaid and are looking for a dietitian, you can contact your local hospital or pay privately.

Private Pay – we offer reduced rates and packages are available. Please call for this information. We accept cash, check and credit cards (MasterCard and Visa).

What Our Clients Say ...

I started coming to Cassara Consulting a few months back.  Not knowing what to expect when I got there, but I'm glad that I decided to come.  They have been the light at the end of the tunnel.  When I met the staff there, they gave me a new look on life.  I've been suffering with weight problems all my life and thought no one could help me.  All I needed was a push in the right direction.  Then I met Niki, she has been such a wonderful nutritionist.  I've lost 10 lbs within a few months.  Thank you Cassara Consulting!"
- Dianne L.

It's not a diet, It's the way you live your life! Everybody should come here.
- Alexandria

I would just like to thank Stacy on how my life has changed due to her medical services. I recently had Bariatric Surgery and I was referred to Stacy Warringer. She gave me so much useful information and with her help and Bariatric Surgery I am currently 163 pounds today (3-1-10) compared to 223 pounds (3-19-09). She truly showed me a new way of life. Also my diabetes and high blood pressure is much better. 
- Sherry Erwin

After getting diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in August of 2009, one of the first things my doctor recommended was to schedule a consultation with Cassara Consulting and I am so glad I did! It has been a little over four months since my initial consultation with Stacy. I have dropped 20 pounds and I only have a few pounds left before I reach my target weight. I’ve also seen improvement with all my numbers; my overall blood sugar and AC1 Hemoglobin levels. This was all done through diet and exercise, without the need for any medications or insulin. I can honestly say I could not be where I am right now without the wonderful advice from Stacy Warringer, RD,LDN at Cassara consulting.
- Ed

As I start a new year, I will begin a new life, giving my life extra time by eating well and taking care of myself. I hope you take this note to heart and realize that you are important so take care of YOU! You can do it!
- L.I

Stacy Warringer of Cassara Consulting is phenomenal! I finally accepted the fact that I am a diabetic. I had to lose weight and change my eating habits in order to lower my sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. Blood work done in May of 2010 was very abnormal for hemoglobin A1c, fasting blood sugar and cholesterol (all way too high). Stacy helped me to develop a menu using healthy, low fat foods and foods containing fiber and protein. She explained how to read and understand the nutrition labels on the boxes and cans. She had great suggestions for meals and snacks. It was extremely difficult for me to stick to a diabetic diet, but I did it. In four months I lost 20 pounds and blood work done in September 2010 was back to healthy readings. My blood pressure is the best its been in years. The cholesterol came way down. My hemoglobin A1c was 6.9, down from 7.9. I feel great. I am never going back to my old eating habits! Stacy is the best, and I plan to continue to see her for guidance in my quest to keep my blood counts low and get off all medication. I could not have done this without her. 
- Cindy
By having Stacy as my dietitian I have learned to log all calories of food for the day acknowledge when I need to make changes and modifications. I am responsible for my food decisions and choices and I know my limitations and measure portions.
– Catherine

"Omg!!  I love Cassara Consulting.  I have been going to Stacy for more than 2 years.  Stacy is so sweet, she knows her stuff, she really listens to her clients/patients, she gives great suggestions and recipes.  I definitely recommend Cassara Consulting.  Her staff is also great, especially her main secretary Lorraine, she is always smiling, makes me feel welcomed and is always on top of things.
- Cheri C.

Cassara Consulting - 1345 Kuser Road, Suite 5 - Hamilton, NJ 08619
Phone: (609) 585-8400 - Fax: (609) 585-8401