HEALTHY TIPS OF THE WEEK (click to view)

Feed Your Family Healthfully on a Low Income Budget (pdf)
Keep Kids Out of the Clean Your Plate Club (pdf)
Nutrition Info About Beverages (pdf)
5 Tips to Curb Your Late-Night Snacking (pdf)
Tips for a Healthy Post-Partum Weight Loss (pdf)
Build a Healthy Salad (pdf)
Wild Greens (pdf)
What Is Magnesium (pdf)
What Is Iron (pdf)
Heart Health and Diet (pdf)
Chicken Breast vs Thighs - Which Is More Nutritious (pdf)
Losing Weight While Breastfeeding (pdf)
Food Safety - Start at the Store (pdf)
Vegetarian Glossary of Terms (pdf)
Help Your Kids Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle (pdf)
Essential Kitchen Tools for Beginner Cooks (pdf)
Raise Healthy Eaters in the New Year (pdf)
Healthy Weight Gain (pdf)
When Should My Kids Snack (pdf)
Teach Your Child How to Handle Food Pushing (pdf)
The New Math of Counting Calories (pdf)
How to Talk to Kids About Weight (pdf)
Healthy Tips for Healthy Holiday Parties (pdf)
Essential Nutrients for Women While Cutting Calories (pdf)
30 Minute Workouts for Any Schedule (pdf)
Exploring Aromatics (pdf)
Breaking Your Grade Schooler's Unhealthy Food Habit (pdf)
Easy Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Get Active (pdf)
How to Picnic with Your Toddler (pdf)
5 Food Tips for Camping and Hiking (pdf)
Healthy Tips - Third Quarter 2017 (pdf)
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Healthy Tips - First Quarter 2017 (pdf)
Healthy Tips - Fourth Quarter 2016 (pdf)
Healthy Tips - Third Quarter 2016 (pdf)
Healthy Tips - Second Quarter 2016 (pdf)
Healthy Tips - First Quarter 2016 (pdf)


 We are now offering the following nutritional
supplements for sale in office only:

- Carlson's Very Finest Fish Oil-Lemon
- Think Thin Protein Nut Bars & Fiber Bars
- Raw Rev Glo Bars


- Innate Response Once Daily - No Iron - Multivitamin
- Prothera VitaTab Chewables - Multivitamin
- Prothera Active Vitamin B-12 - Folate Sublingual
- Prothera Omega-3 Mini Softgels
- Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic Complete Capsules
- Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic Women's Capsules
- Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic Children's Chewables
- Klaire Labs Vital-Zymes Complete Capsules
- Complementary Prescriptions Liquid Vitamin B-12
- Designs For Health Hi-Po Emulsi-Vitamin D3 liquid

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